Aditi Gupta is the Founder & Director of BrandWok Limited.


Brandwok envisages and curates innovative Events, manages Social Media Clients, provides Digital Solutions and an achievable Marketing Plan for Branding & Strategy. 

Brandwok is re-born in the United Kingdom in 2017 after its successful stint in Singapore for 4 years as an elite and innovative agency. With its continuous achievements in impactful communication strategies, innovative event planning and solutions, social media management skills, Brandwok has expanded to explore further by creating a differentiated market with its new projects such as beauty pageant, styling, talent management and returning talent programs especially for women.

She is the entrepreneurial expert who is the brain and heart behind Mrs India United Kingdom beauty pageant. Mrs India UK was launched under BrandWok Limited in the year 2017 and is currently in its second season.

Aditi Gupta I Founder & Director 

Kaustav, an HR professional having worked in different global organizations for over 15 years. He is experienced and results-focused professional with progressive experience in providing direction and leadership in the development and implementation of change management processes with a strong emphasis on organisational behaviour and leadership development. Adept at directing initiatives to develop culture and values, leadership and org change capability, and overall organisational effectiveness. He has domain expertise and deep knowledge in strategy alignment, workforce planning, and performance development. He possess outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities to boost teamwork synergies with equals across diverse functional teams. He is certified in various psychometric tools and spends a sizeable amount of his time coaching and mentoring budding business leaders across different industries. Currently he has co founded a Leadership Development company focussing on developing customized learning modules.

Kaustav is also an Indian artist (more a dilettante than professional) based in London. Using bright colors, he expresses his art using abstract expressionism to tell a story. Having travelled across the world and having lived in 7 countries he collects stories which he tells via his art. Drawing inspiration from greats like Caravaggio, Dali, Rothko and M.F Husain, he draws themes of social realism from around the world. Through his art he attacks the status quo and social power structure, focussing on the human figure and human condition.


Kaustav Dey I Director 

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